"Who holds the key that can set us free... It's You"                                                 Sucker Punch

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Feeding impoverished children lunch and dinner was part of our work through St. John Fischer's School Children's Outreach Program.  


Feeding elderly who were home bound, cooking for community members who were impoverished or unable to cook for their family, delivering educational materials, playing daily  with young children who lacked adults in their lives, fixing library rooms or classrooms at community centers, building fences, or running chores for those lacking transportation, talking with teens about the woes of drug use, helping teens understand their need to save money....these were some of the many activities we did as GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS during our intensive 8 days on the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana.   


The homeless in Hollywood and Los Angeles suffer starvation, cold, abuse and other unimaginable traumas daily.  I participate with FOOD on FOOT during holidays such as Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas handing out food, clothing, sleeping bags and daily essentials.