"Who holds the key that can set us free... It's You"                                                 Sucker Punch

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"Who holds the key that can set us free... It's You"                               SuckerPunch

"Tolerance" once was a counter-culture word, esteemed as accepting morées and attitudes that might compromise humane rights or fundamental beliefs. 

My generation esteems "TOLERANCE" as central to accepting that every individual is precisely an individual. If no one is harmed, violated or pained, then stay chill with differences and move on.


     My generation has voted for marriage rights for all and acceptance of all.

My corner of influence is with my friends, my family; but through my fields of Statistics, Mathematics and Sciences eventually I hope to influence others to stay true to the facts, not propaganda of drug companies, oil companies who frack the land, nor banks who stole my friends homes.  

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Children and Teens should be heard, believed, respect to be kept safe from abuse. Friends and school acquaintances who have endured what I have find someone in me who can appreciate abuse and the need to be powerfully able to be free of abuse.